News: Natasha Tyler takes the helm at RICS Matrics

Natasha Tyler | 28 June 2019

Natasha Tyler has been appointed as Chair of the RICS Matrics UK board in its 130th anniversary year. A former RICS Young Building Surveyor of the Year award winner, Natasha is an associate partner in our London office.

She took over the reins at the RICS Matrics AGM on June 28 and will now begin a calendar of formal engagements, including making a speech at the Young Surveyor of the Year awards.

As chair, she has nominated the RICS Matrics annual charity, Plastic Patrol, and will organise fundraising activities throughout the year, with members and colleagues coming together to help meet the £5,000 target.

Natasha has challenged all local RICS Matrics Groups to a Plastic Pick Up Challenge at a countryside spot, river or beach close to them. Natasha will be attending as many of the clean-up events as she can and will also take on a one-day mammoth clean-up to help raise funds. There will be an app tracking the progress of Natasha and the local groups which will record how much rubbish has been collected throughout the year.

Natasha, who has been a board member for four years, said:
“I am honoured to have been appointed RICS Matrics chair, especially in the 130th anniversary year. I am looking forward to carrying out my duties over the next 12 months and encouraging my fellow members to join me in taking on a challenge that will really make a difference to our physical environment.

I feel very strongly about the benefits of RICS Matrics, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without them. This role will allow me to support its work in inspiring, engaging with and promoting the profession to young people at school or college, and indeed anyone coming into this career later in life.

Being part of RICS Matrics has also helped me getting to build my own professional network, meet new friends, and to benefit from training, and I would encourage all new surveyors to get in touch with their local group and find out what we have going on.

I have to thank Powell Williams for all their support, and the time they’re giving me to carry out this role. My colleagues have also said they’re up for the fundraising effort, which is wonderful and will hopefully help me to reach the £5,000 target.”

RICS Matrics supports young and newly qualified surveyors entering the profession, providing peer and mentor support, promoting the industry to new entrants, and helping to develop the next generation of leaders.

It comprises more than 40 groups nationally, providing networking and training for local groups across the country. The RICS Matrics board also feeds into RICS policies, helping to shape future strategies in particular around recruitment, training and support.

Darren Ward, head of Powell Williams’ London office, said:
“Natasha is a talented surveyor and a highly driven individual, so it comes as no surprise to us that she has been selected for this top position. We’re incredibly proud of her and will be flying the flag for her chosen charity all year.”

Sean Tomkins, RICS CEO, said:
“Huge congratulations to Natasha on behalf of all of us at RICS. Matrics is a fantastic organisation for those in the early years of their profession. I’m looking forward to working with her on a range of issues over the coming year, and of course helping out at one of the charity clean-up events.”

Natasha Tyler

Natasha Tyler

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