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South East Office Portfolio


Acquisition and Due Diligence

Project Management

Vendor Surveys





850,000 sq.ft (over 9 properties)


Over an 18 month period we led the technical due diligence for the acquisition of each of the nine office properties. We then project managed the implementation of essential works identified within the TDD, enhancing the assets for disposal as a portfolio and co-ordinating with the vendor’s surveyors.


Our pro-active approach to the TDD process allowed key issues to be identified and managed during the purchase process, allowing for the implementation of agreed management strategy activities from a running start and in conjunction with both asset managers and managing agents. Issues identified within our TDD reports were therefore managed out for disposal, with vendor’s surveys of the portfolio completed within a four week period.


Powell Williams excels when a project is complex. We use them for the quality of their advice and their deep technical expertise. They have a level of understanding that most other firms simply don’t have.