Development Monitoring

Protecting your commercial interests, when you have limited control

Whether you are an investor, funder or occupier, we’ll become your eyes and ears to ensure that your best interests are represented and protected, when a development isn’t under your direct control.

Independent expert opinion and recommendations

From inception of the project, due diligence to assess the viability of the scheme, the construction phase to completion and in-use, we’ll ensure that you receive sound, professional advice throughout.

Acting as an early warning system for you, we anticipate, identify and address any potential issues to reduce risks, optimise value and minimise delays. Early involvement allows us to negotiate improvements or modifications in the base build specification.

Improved risk, financial, programme and quality management

Initial reporting, regular on-site inspections and ongoing tailored progress reporting are the means by which we maintain quality, and verify expenditure and approval of financial drawdowns.

Using the right development monitoring surveyor means that you will have greater protection of your interests and increase the probability that your project will be delivered at the right price and the right time.

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