Vendor Surveys

Streamlining real estate transactions

Commercial property is a non-liquid asset with high transaction costs compared to other investment asset classes. Vendor’s due diligence packs aim to streamline the process and avoid negotiation “shocks” by having transactional documents available at the outset of discussions.

Whether you are buying or selling a single building or a portfolio, our team has the experience and understanding to assist you in a smooth property transaction.

Undertaking vendor surveys

Simply producing a technical due diligence report isn’t enough. We’ll inform you of any issues that may impact the transaction and give you recommendations of how these may be resolved, effectively putting you in the best position to achieve a sale.

And as independent surveyors and a neutral party to the transaction, our reports are more valuable to prospective purchasers, as they can have total confidence in them because of our impartiality.

Reviewing vendor surveys

You’ve been provided with a vendor’s technical due diligence report, but can you really depend upon it, and how do any concerns raised fit in with your business plan?

We review reports and consider the information within the context of your strategy and provide advice that “fills in the gaps”. Subject to the nature of the transaction and timescales, vendor survey audits are carried out as desktop exercises or with inspection of the property and consideration of leases.

Either way, a review is an essential way of discovering how much reliance you can put on the vendor’s documentation, and what additional questions need to be asked.

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