Schedules of Condition

Protecting both landlords and tenants against financial loss

When included as part of an agreement, which could be a lease or a party wall award, a well drafted Schedule of Condition offers protection against uncertainty and financial loss for both landlord and tenant, building owner or adjoining owner.

We help both owners and occupiers agree on fair terms and also understand the ramifications of non-compliance.

Are you a tenant?

If both parties agree to limit a repairing liability, commissioning a detailed Schedule, with quality images, and written evidence of the state of the property, will limit your exposure to unnecessary repair costs and potentially save you a great deal of money.

During an end of lease dilapidations claim, poorly written, deficient and sketchy Schedules can result in a protracted and potentially costly dispute.

Has your landlord has prepared a Schedule of Condition?

Whilst a more unusual situation, we’ll review the contents to ensure it is fair and accurate, allowing you to sign the lease with full knowledge of your obligations and liabilities.

So whether you need us to prepare or review documentation, it’s key that you know it is accurate and fair at the outset.

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