D&B Procurement: Employer’s Agent

Design-and-build forms of procurement

These are a widespread way of transferring risk to the contractor. Originally devised for simple buildings, design and build is now often used to deliver complex, high-quality projects, including those designed by leading architects.

Operating as your representative

The role of Employer’s Agent is to represent the employer with regard to all aspects of contract including payments, changes, certificates etc., so you’ll certainly need an EA who has the expertise and experience to ensure that you’ll get a successful outcome to your scheme.

We have experience across a range of sectors and project types and can manage all aspects of your project in order to achieve your agreed outcomes in terms of time, cost and quality.

Expert, impartial advice

It’s worth noting that Design and Build procurement does not suit all situations. We can certainly advise you when it can be used to the best possible advantage, acting as client under the building contract.

We also provide design services and act as Lead Consultant too.

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