Reinstatement Cost Assessments

Why Reinstatement Cost Assessments are important

Having a buildings insurance policy in place is only half of the puzzle to ensure that your investment is protected. If the sum insured is below that of the re-build cost, you will find yourself short changed. Equally over-inflated valuations will lead to higher than required premiums.

What you’ll get from us

Following a detailed inspection of your property, we will provide you with an accurate cost for rebuilding, including demolition costs and fees, whether for a single asset or a portfolio. Our expert understanding of construction and project management means that we also consider all perceived risks that may be associated with the property, and we’ll speak with your insurer/broker to understand their requirements too.

And because we are continually involved in construction projects, the advice we give you is always verified by up-to-date market knowledge.

All of our RCA’s are quality control checked or undertaken by partner level staff.

We also advise on Major Loss Property Claims and implementation of reinstatement works and have experience of fire, flood, industrial blast and terrorism damage.

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