Tenant Alterations

Clear advice to avoid future contention

Tenant alterations should, where more than very minor additions, be recorded and agreed within a Licence for Alterations which after agreement, is annexed to the lease documentation, effectively protecting both parties at lease end and avoiding protracted dilapidations disputes.

Are you a landlord?

We’ll assess the impact of the proposed changes upon the structure and fabric of your building.

Our monitoring of the works through to completion, will ensure a good standard of workmanship, that tenants have met their legal and contractual obligations and ultimately that the alterations have not had any negative impact upon the value of the building, or other matters, such as insurance.

And we’ll make sure that future reinstatement obligations are clearly defined, helping you avoid unnecessary disputes at lease end or during the sale of the property.

Are you a tenant?

By assisting you in writing specifications for fit-out-works and alterations to clearly record the work, we ensure that all the necessary statutory obligations are met.

We’ll liaise with your landlord, as well as your legal team to complete the documentation, to achieve consent as seamlessly as possible.

We can also manage the works onsite through to practical completion where necessary.

By being clear as to your liability for reinstatement of these alterations at lease end, you’ll know exactly where you stand, and can made the necessary financial provision and avoid costly surprises when its time to move on.

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