News: Our business response to the COVID-19 coronavirus

Andy Williams | 9 April 2020

The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus is obviously dominating the news. We are monitoring developments closely and are pleased to be continuing to provide a completely uninterrupted service.

We have a robust and sensible Business Continuity Plan in place that focuses on:

  • being aware of and following Government guidelines
  • the safety and wellbeing of our employees, their families and our wider business community
  • ensuring operational resilience

A very small number of colleagues are on temporary furlough leave, at what is naturally a quieter time for the firm, and the economy in general. Our technology and infrastructure means that our business is both sturdy and adaptable, in order to be able to cope with significant and potentially disruptive events. Our non-furloughed staff are all working remotely.

Due to our geographic dispersion, we are able to provide flexibility so that our client’s business activities are still supported. We are reviewing the government statements on ability to visit sites and have in place a risk based assessment to see whether it is possible to adhere to their guidelines on a property-by-property basis. Obviously, the safety of our employees and all their families is paramount.

Matthew Carswell, Finance Partner, explains:
“Our business depends on the wellbeing of our employees to provide reliable, prompt service to our clients.

We have clear guidance and support in place for all staff, and our ongoing investment in technology and a sensible approach ensures that we are not reliant upon physical office locations, and are able to be agile to the updates to Government advice.

Ultimately, we are able to operate all of our systems and processes remotely with little, if any, impact on the service our clients expect of us, whilst looking after the best interests of our staff and others.”

Should you have any queries or questions about our current activities, please do not hesitate to contact Andy Williams or Matthew Carswell.

Andy Williams

Andy Williams

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Matthew Carswell

Matthew Carswell

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